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To:Todd Harrison <toddharrison@cox.net>
From: Jared Doll <rigpigboy2003@yahoo.com>



I bought a pool last year.
It's just an above ground job - 3ft deep by 16 foot across - round.
It has a volume of approximately 5000 gallons and
immediately the kids started harrassing me that it was too cold. So I started
looking for something to heat it with, not knowing that there really is nothing
suitable out there on the market. After looking through all the pool dealers
and E-bay.... and after considering all the different solar options...
I finally found yours!

So I bought all the parts and just finished assembling it.
Mine runs 200 feet of 1/2 inch copper tubing
through a 48,000 BTU natural gas BBQ. I supplying it with a 1/2 horse 700
gallon per hour underground sprinkler system pump. I had to return to work
before I could do a proper test on the pump's actual output (as of course it
will change depending on friction pressure, head pressure, etc). But at a guess
I would put it at about 600 gph.

Once on-line, I ran the heater from 6 am until 5 pm and
raised the pool temperature from 76 F to 91 F. My output line was coming in at
around 20 F higher than the suction. Currently I am just running a 5/8 inch
garden hose as my supply line, but I intend to upgrade this to a 1 inch pool
hose. I am taking suction from my pools drain and dumping it back in again
through a hose thrown over the side.

We are all extremely impressed with the results we have seen
and wanted to thank you for the idea.

I included a few pictures for you. If you wanted to added
them to your site as the results of motivation from your example, it would be
very cool!

Jared Doll
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Jared Doll <rigpigboy2003@yahoo.com>