My 140 feet copper coils with manifolds from the original Redneck Pool Heater

Cajun style burners (KAB5) from

I bought 2 and each puts out 210,000 BTUs with the 30psi upgrade (not needed as I found out much HEAT)

These are the standard 20psi hoses that come with the burners. Just right. 30psi upgrade not needed.

Side view of heat assembly

Start of the 4 sided cover box made from tread plate and angle iron

Four tread plate sides are ready. I used scrap so I had to tack weld small bits to make larger plates.

One side with angle iron legs is being checked here

Three sides of cover box is clamped to welding cart and ready for final welds

The cover box is almost ready 30“ x 14.5” x 16“ with 24.5” lags

Handles make placing the box over the burners and coils easy

Tread plate fire box rests over heat assembly with no attachments. Just a wind block.

Bottom of fire box is open but the top will be covered with these adjustable ventilation covers.

Ventilation covers from Home Depot (not needed once you know how much air flow is required) I recommend simple fixed vents

Final construction


Two 16“ x 16” brick pavers from Home Depot for a base.

Brick pavers nicely leveled beside pool deck.

burners set on first

Coils rest on top of burners.

Fire box sets over burners and coils.

Cover rests on top with room to spare.

Top is on but I later find its best that the vents are only 10% open for best heat transfer and flame.

Rapping the heated hose around the low part of tank keeps tanks running until they are empy, else they freeze up and stop at 1/4 tank.

One tank lasts 3 hours with upgrade 30psi hose (upgrade hose not recommended, standard 20psi hose would have been much heat anyway)

Final hookup

Full view of Cajun style Redneck Pool Heater (make sure you use a pool pump with lots of water flow or this baby will heat to fast and BOOM!)

My output was going direclty from 80F to 119F with just one trip through the heat. Later I got 80F to 121F by closing the vents to 10% open.